Best Mushroom Coffee in 2023 To Replace Regular Coffee

Online communities are buzzing about the advantages of mushroom coffee, touting its potential in reducing stress and promoting improved energy and productivity—minus the jitters typically associated with regular coffee.

Best mushroom coffee 2023
Composed of a unique mix of therapeutic mushroom extracts and coffee beans, mushroom coffee helps enhance mental clarity and attention. This modern drink has caught on due to its various health perks.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

The finest mushroom coffees are meticulously crafted blends of various mushroom extracts, often accentuated with a hint coffee beans. These aren’t your typical edible mushrooms, nor the hallucinogenic psilocybin variety. Instead, they’re functional mushrooms, steeped in centuries of use as natural health remedies. Importantly, top-notch mushroom coffees maintain a traditional coffee flavor profile — not mushroomy — so rest assured, your taste buds are in for a familiar treat.

What Are the Best Mushroom Coffees?

Interested in elevating your morning routine? Explore our curated list of premier mushroom coffees available for purchase online today.

Best mushroom coffee in 2023: shortlist

  1. Starmind Star Dust – Overall best mushroom coffee.
  2. Arete Adaptogens – Optimal choice for adaptogenic infusions.
  3. Rheal Shroom Coffee – For those who desire a caffeine kick.
  4. VitaCup Shroom Fuel – A unique mushroom coffee.
  5. MUD\WTR – For adventurous palates.

#1. STARMIND® Star Dust

Starmind Star Dust mushroom coffee

Starmind Star Dust not only indulges the palate with the rich flavors of hot chocolate or a milkshake but also carries the powerful health benefits of functional mushrooms. Its unique blend, featuring a trio of Cordyceps, Chaga, and Lion’s mane mushrooms, is reputed for bolstering the immune system, improving mental clarity, and delivering a sustained, jitter-free energy boost. With an all-natural, vegan, and organic formulation, Star Dust stands as a great alternative to traditional coffee.


  • Energy & focus without the jitters
  • Organic cacao, ayurvedic herbs, and functional mushrooms
  • Contains longevity and vitality mushrooms
  • Can be prepared hot or cold
  • Improves immune support and sleep
  • Organic and vegan
  • Great taste
  • All-natural, made in America
  • Over 900+ 5-star reviews


  • Often sold out
  • Only sold online

Starmind promises to unlock the secrets of energy, productivity, health, longevity, and vitality with its great-tasting Star Dust mushroom coffee.

Star Dust Taste Tested

Star Dust stands apart from the other mushroom powders because it tastes just like a delicious hot chocolate or milkshake.

A 240g bag of Starmind Star Dust mushroom coffee provides 30 servings for $49.99 or just $1.66 per day.

Starmind also offers a variety of enticing bundle deals and a range of accessories to complement your mushroom coffee ritual.

Rating 9.5 / 10

#2. Arete Adaptogens
Arete Adaptogens mushroom coffee

Arete Adaptogens produces beverages infused with mushroom elements, including a variety that integrates caffeine. Their Root Strength mixture brings together adaptogenic herbs and specific mushrooms, chosen due to their potential health impacts. However, the taste profile may not resonate with everyone and it didn’t particularly appeal to our palette.

Rating: 7.4 /10

A package of Root Strength blend includes 30 servings and costs $54.89 with shipping.

#3. Rheal Shroom Coffee
Rheal Shroom mushroom coffee

Rheal Shroom Coffee contains a higher caffeine content than most mushroom coffees. This could potentially overstimulate those sensitive to caffeine, and it may not be the best coffee alternative for individuals seeking the subtle, balanced energy often associated with mushroom coffees.

Rating: 6.7 /10

A package of Rheal Shroom Coffee includes 30 servings and costs $45.80 with shipping.

#4.VitaCup Shroom Fuel
VitaCup Shroom Fuel mushroom coffee

VitaCup Shroom Fuel was unfortunately disappointing in terms of taste and blendability. The flavor was subpar and left a grainy aftertaste. Despite vigorous stirring and even using a frother, the product consistently settled at the bottom of the cup, leading to an unappealing residue. This not only impacted the texture but also detracted from the overall drinking experience.

Rating: 6.3 /10

A package of VitaCup Shroom Fuel includes 48 servings and costs $72.95 with shipping.

MUD\WTR mushroom coffee

The MUD\WTR drink left much to be desired. Its gritty texture was off-putting, and the flavor was difficult to stomach. Furthermore, it did not blend well in water, no matter how much we tried.

Rating: 6.1 /10

A tin of MUD\WTR includes 30 servings and costs $55.00 with shipping.

What Is Mushroom Coffee? Mushroom Coffee Ingredients

There are three species of mushrooms – Cordyceps, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane – that have been associated with increased energy, reduced risk of age-related diseases, and enhanced longevity.

Cordyceps: Often referred to as the “energy mushroom,” is praised for its ability to enhance blood circulation and optimize the body’s oxygen usage. These effects lead to improved brain function and increased mental and physical stamina, as supported by lab studies and animal research. Cordyceps has also been found to enhance exercise performance, sex drive, and mental energy, while promoting heart health and reducing signs of aging.

Chaga: Known as the “immunity mushroom,” has been documented in numerous studies for its role in activating the immune system, fighting harmful bacteria, and inhibiting the growth of viruses. Humans have used Chaga for centuries due to its potential health benefits, which include anti-inflammatory properties and a boosted immune response.

Lion’s Mane: Often referred to as the “brain mushroom,” is known for stimulating nerve growth and enhancing memory, focus, and clarity. Studies indicate that consuming Lion’s Mane mushrooms can improve cognitive function and may even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Numerous studies strongly suggest that this fungus can bolster our immune systems, reduce inflammation, and even alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Additionally, animal research shows that Lion’s Mane extract can kill cancer cells, assist in managing diabetes, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Mushroom Coffee Benefits

We’ve already discussed the health benefits of the common ingredients in top-quality mushroom coffees. Now, let’s consider the effects we can expect when these ingredients are combined.

Superior mushroom coffees appear to provide clean energy, enhance immune health, reduce stress, and alleviate inflammation. Additionally, a switch to mushroom coffee typically means consuming less caffeine. As a result, you will experience improved sleep quality and, consequently, enjoy an even greater level of energy during the day.

If you wish to reap the benefits of the finest mushroom coffees without sacrificing your usual caffeine boost, there’s an easy solution. Most mushroom coffees are available in powder form, which you can add to your regular morning coffee. This way, you can enjoy the health advantages of mushrooms along with your regular caffeine intake.